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We asked a few of our members to say what they liked most about being part of the church. Read their full testimonials below.


Times of hospitality and fellowship were the best times I had in London and was like heaven coming down. This is a Church truly led by the Holy Spirit.

Benjamin, from Karalla, India



Having been around to visit other Gospel Halls around London, I decided to return because I felt that it was a place with good avenues to serve God and His people.

Joel, Chemistry student from Singapore

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
By supersi @ 1:59 PM :: 2383 Views :: Testimonies

Where are you from?

I am originally from Nigeria, but have lived in Manchester UK. for several years now; where I attended Jubilee Church. When I moved to London as a student, I attended Jesus House, Brent Cross during my fresher year before finally finding a place at Bermondsey Gospel Hall .

What impressed you most when you first attended?

The spirit of genuine love and unity was the first thing I noticed as I walked into the Gospel Hall. Notwithstanding the many blessed churches I had been to, for the first time ever, I felt that I was in a church that wasn’t just a group of people getting together to do religious things but that I was in a real family; a Christian family united completely under true teaching and doctrine.

Why did you decide to return and make this church your spiritual home?

After attending Sunday evening ‘gospel services’, I saw an honest dedication to the scriptures. Going to the weekly conversational Bible-studies, I was filled with the impression of a Christian congregation that was thoroughly equipped with the knowledge and a living practice of the word of God. These things, as well as the eagerness of church members to welcome me into their fold could only be the Holy Spirit testifying and evidencing the presence of Christ, and so I decided to stay.

How does this church contribute to your Christian life and appreciation of Jesus Christ?

In my experience so far, I feel I am encouraged at every service to know Christ more and in so doing, be grateful, on a daily basis, for my salvation.

What would you miss the most if you had to leave this church?

There are two things. First, I would miss the family I feel I have become a part of and the caring nature of everyone at the Gospel Hall. Secondly, since joining, I have become aware that I am still only a babe in Christ and that there is still a lot I do not know about the person of Jesus Christ and the power of God as revealed in his life, death and resurrection. Therefore, if I were to leave the Gospel Hall, I would also miss the weekly nuggets of truth and revelation of God that have come to be essential to my Christian growth.

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