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We asked a few of our members to say what they liked most about being part of the church. Read their full testimonials below.


Adhering to correct Biblical doctrines was key to making me decide to make the assembly my spiritual home.

Phil., Market research analyst, Winchester



It was somewhere where I felt confident that people were following what the bible teaches simply and honestly.

Craig, management consultant from Scotland

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Friday, February 26, 2010
Benjamin -- from Karalla in India
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Where are you from?
I was a common man coming to a strange metropolitan city like London from a remote and unsophisticated village in India with a totally different culture, language, and customs. When I looked out for a Church and located Bermondsey Gospel Hall, the fears were numerous. Will I be accepted or will I keep feeling that I am a stranger? Will I be treated with equal respect or will I be considered a second class citizen? Will I find apostasy, materialism, immorality, and compromise so that I find it hard to stay? Given the general condition of Churches in Europe, my expectations were rather minimal. I never thought of getting anything significant for my spiritual growth and far less about ministering in this Church.

What impressed you? Why did you return?
Well, this church has far exceeded my wildest expectations. I was received and treated like how they would receive Christ (Matthew 25:40). The commitment I saw in the Church to New Testament pattern, expositional Bible teaching, and evangelism impressed me. I could find a lot of committed young people sharing the responsibilities of the Church. Times of hospitality and fellowship were the best times I had in London and was like heaven coming down. The open-heartedness with which they received some of the suggestions from a total stranger and newcomer like me surprised me, but convinced that this is a Church truly led by the Holy Spirit. I was also given the liberty and opportunity to exercise my spiritual gifts.

How did the church contribute to your spiritual life?
I was passing through a very low point in my spiritual life when I came to this church but the Lord has used this Church to uplift me. I was staying away from home and I could not sustain myself like that in the past even for few months, but at this church, I was kept healed and strengthened for over a year now. One of the best things I had in the Church was the opportunity to learn from, and be edified by, others committed to sound Biblical exegesis – an opportunity I only rarely had in other Churches. The time at this church was one of the best times of spiritual growth and edification in my life.

What would you miss? Why would you want others to come?
Among all the Churches I attended in Asia, Middle-East, and Europe, I would rank this as #1. I always wish I could be here for life and will sorely miss it when I will have to go back to India. I would say that it would be hard to find a Church that has got as much right as this one. All glory is to God! If you are not at Bermondsey Gospel Hall, you would be missing some of the best experiences on this side of heaven!

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