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We asked a few of our members to say what they liked most about being part of the church. Read their full testimonials below.


I discovered that there was a real meaning behind those verses I had to learn by heart whilst with the JWs.

Silvia, originally from a Jehovah’s Witness family in Italy



We appreciate being able to challenge our practices as a church and adjust them as we see fit according to the Bible.

Simon, software developer from Canada.

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Friday, February 26, 2010
Phil -- Market research analyst from Winchester
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Where are you from?
I come from Winchester in Hampshire. I was brought up going to a church very similar to Bermondsey Gospel Hall in Winchester. I currently work as a market research analyst for a company that monitors the shopping habits of the UK population.

What impressed you most when you first attended?
One of the first impressions I had of the Christians at Bermondsey was that they really loved the Lord Jesus. The first meeting I came to was the Sunday morning 'breaking of bread' and worship service and although there was only a few people in the room, I could tell that these people were sincere about the prayers they prayed and hymns they were singing.

I was also really impressed with how welcome I was made. I had walked into a room of people who had never met me yet they were still keen to get to know me and and had a genuine interest in the course I was just about to start at university.

Why did you decide to return and make this church your spiritual home?
These first impressions were really key in encouraging me to come back. Having just moved to London to start university I was aware that if I was going to stay on track in my young Christian life, I would need the support of Christian friends who would help me develop in Christ-likeness. Very soon after arriving various older, experienced Christians were already providing that support. Hospitality and friendship are really vital Christian principles and I have really benefited from this during my time in London.

During the first few weeks of attending Bermondsey Gospel Hall I also became aware that the believers of the fellowship taught and practiced principles that I know to be in line with the teachings of the Bible. Adhering to correct Biblical doctrines was key to making me decide to make the assembly my spiritual home.

How does this church contribute to your Christian life and appreciation of Jesus Christ?
The local church should be fundamental to the Christian life. The New Testament talks of the local church as being like a body with many parts working together in worship and service for God and this has been my experience in London. Through the various activities organised by the church including the regular gospel meetings and Footsteps, our kids club, I have had the opportunity to serve God and tell others about Christ and through the regular Bible teaching we have, I have learnt much about Biblical doctrines and how they can be practically lived out in my life.

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