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We meet regularly during the week and everyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings. The times of each meeting are listed below. We hope to see you soon!

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10:30am Sunday Breaking of bread

As Christians we seek to follow what the bible teaches and to follow the pattern set out by the New Testament churches. We meet once a week to break bread, to obey the command of the Lord Jesus “this do in remembrance of me”. We focus our minds on the Lord Jesus, what he means to us and what he has done by dying on the cross for us. The service is lead by the Holy Spirit so every one is different. This meeting is always the first thing that we gather together for each week because it was our Lord's request so to do.


The meeting is not led by any one person but is open to all brothers in fellowship with the church to contribute as the Holy Spirit leads. Hymns are sung and prayers are made to God thanking him for what he has done by giving His Son to die. Later, the bread and the wine are passed around to those in fellowship with the church.


This is a very special meeting for the Christians as it is an opportunity for us to thank the Lord through our worship for who he is and what he has done for us. Whilst it is a very simple meeting without ceremony or trappings, it is also a little taste of heaven on earth.


12:30pm Sunday Gospel Meeting

This is an ideal service for your first visit. The meeting lasts 45 minutes, starting with 10 minutes of singing – hymns and choruses, both old and new. The gospel message, which is preached for 30 minutes, seeks to show how you can be saved from sin, receive forgiveness from God and receive the Holy Spirit to enable you to live the new life that can only be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. The service is followed by refreshments and an opportunity to chat informally if you so wish. You are assured of a very special and warm welcome.


7:30pm to 9:00pm: Tuesday Prayer Ministry and Conversational Bible Study

An opening hymn is followed by the announcement of current items and issues for prayer. Any brethren in fellowship use the ensuing half hour to pray for the issues raised and other matters.


At about 8:10pm, the meeting changes to a systematic discussion/teaching on a particular book of the Bible. Following a brief overview of the chapter, a verse by verse analysis is made as the brethren in fellowship discuss the passage. We thereby seek to understand more of what the Bible teaches and its practical lessons for our lives today. The service ends at about 9:00pm and visitors are very welcome to listen to the teaching and ask questions after the service if they so wish.


6:15 pm Friday Kids Club - Footsteps

A Friday evening children’s meeting for 4 – 14 year olds. Lively singing of choruses, interactive quizzes, Bible stories, and everything you would expect from a great Sunday school except it’s held on a Friday! Join us every Friday at 6:15 pm.


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